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Dear Friends and Family,
Did you know you can help me earn my way in Cub Scouts, and also help me earn great prizes? When you buy popcorn by clicking on this link, 30% of what you buy is returned to my Cub Scout Pack and helps pay for activities like:
  • Me making my pinewood derby racera food drive to help feed the hungry,
  • planting a new garden at our school,
  • a family camping trip at Catoctin,
  • visits to the fire station and police station,
  • the Pinewood Derby (which you can see me working on in the picture),
  • and lots more.
And not only does buying popcorn help my Pack, but I also get to earn fun prizes!

If you click on the link below, my Pack and I will get credit for the popcorn you buy.

Thank you for helping me!


Daniel Loi Cook